[SunHELP] SunPci attach cdrom without /vol entries

Fabio fabio at crearium.com
Fri Oct 29 02:44:14 CDT 2004


I am on Solaris 10 sparc, I have problems with vold and I cant solved, I 
dont have support contract. I dont really need automount feature 
provided by vold, but I have a SunPci II using last 2.x software driver 
series, which works fine. But, when I try to attach the cdrom, It doesnt 
accept /dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s0, It says "it is not a valid character device".

It assumes that the cdrom is /vol/alias/.... but that entries are only 
made by vold, as far as I am concer.

How can I attach the cdrom to SunPci if I dont have /vol entries?

Please, help me with an option without vold because I have done alot of 
work to get vold wors and it doesnt.

Any workaround?

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