[SunHELP] last command not working (topo's corrected)

Lund, Dennis Dennis.Lund at sciatl.com
Fri Oct 29 01:38:08 CDT 2004

No. It's a straight telnet into the box. The last command doesn't even show
user logins from the CDE GUI.  The system was rebooted yesterday. Logged in
and it still shows the last login as May 31.


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by any chance using a 'broken' 64-bits sshd?? or any other application
that is 64-bits but has the wtmpx error?


Lund, Dennis <Dennis.Lund at sciatl.com>
   wrote at Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 12:48:54AM -0400:

> We have and issue were the "last" command is NOT displaying accurate data.
> The command only displays login data from May 2004.
> The wtmpx file is updating when a user logs into the server, but logins
> May 31st and earlier are the only logins displayed.
> Example:
> wallacc   pts/14       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx    Mon May 31 15:20 - 15:29
> perryc    pts/14       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx    Mon May 31 11:37 - 11:43
> perryc    pts/14       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx    Mon May 31 08:58 - 10:57
> I have run a few tests on another system:
> 1. cat /dev/null wtmpx (last still works showing login data)
> 2. cat /dev/null utmpx (last still works)
> 3. cat /dev/null lastlog (last still works)
> The server has been rebooted.  I thought we might fix it by nulling all 3
> files, but not sure if it would correct the issue.
> Any ideas as to how we fix this? 
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