[SunHELP] The Word: List Advertising, Servers, etc.

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Tue Oct 12 15:01:04 CDT 2004

Okay, over the past few days we've had a number of conversations about
me running ads on the mailing lists, changing servers in the next couple
of months, etc.

Here's what's happened so far:

- One major, long-time SunHELP sponsor/advertiser MAY be trading me some
  P3 x86 rackmount boxes (no idea on configuration yet) for 2-3 line ads
  in the mailing list message footers.  Still waiting on hardware configuration

- One listmember is willing to send me a couple of dual 1Ghz x86 rackmount
  boxes in the next couple of weeks.  He's got to have surgery first, though,
  and will give me a shout when he is recovered.

- A couple of people are sending donations (unsolicited).

So far, it looks like the "eventual new server" situation is covered.  I'll
(eventually, once I get moved) transition to Solaris x86 running on a fast
PC at whatever hosting provider I find, with whatever other boxes I get being
used as cache servers, "hot backup" mirrors, etc.

A number of people have asked how they can donate or contribute.  I dislike
soliciting for donations or contributions (as SunHELP *does* produce a small 
amount of revenue, enough to cover hosting costs and occasionally buy a load 
of groceries), but if you feel an urge to send something my way, I've added 
some "will be useful for the site or systems" items to my Amazon wish list:

http://wishlist.mrbill.net (redirects)

Again, thank you, everyone, for your support for the past seven years that
I've been running SunHELP.  I've made a huge number of friends, met some
amazing people, and it even helped me get the job that I've got now.  

I look forward to another seven years!


bill bradford
austin texas

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