[SunHELP] How to wipe hard drive and start over...

Marvin Cummings MarvinC at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 08:42:07 CDT 2004

In trying to configure a new install on an Ultra Sparc I notice that
the disc slice for the SWAP keeps changing, for instance c0t0d0s1,
c0t0d0s2, c0t0d0s3, and now c0t0d0s4. When I get to the Lay out file
systems window I notice the SWAP is larger than it probably shoud be
and that I'm only able to create one directory, the root directory,
and no others. I'm wondering if I'm missing something because I know
that with linux you can create all directories, /usr, /var, etc during
the install. Is this the same with Solaris or do I have create the
other directories after the install?
This is ver8 I'm installing.

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