[SunHELP] Thoughts on mailing list advertising?

Fausto Bijdor fabio at crearium.com
Mon Oct 11 22:29:07 CDT 2004

I have found a great place in SunHelp.

We can make paypal donations and buy a ultra XX and set it up with 
Solaris and offer mailing list, how to's, advocacy, products guides, 
virtual hosting for get extra $$, paid support?, Oracle on Sun, 
tomcat/jakarta sutff, hrm, I am talking t9oo much right?? :)

I agree with advertisement, but please, at least Sun related, IMHO


Steve Sandau wrote:

> Bill Bradford wrote:
>> What are you guys' thoughts on small advertisements (2-3 lines) in 
>> the          message footer at the end of each mail going through the 
>> lists I host           
>> (sunhelp/rescue/geeks)?                                                         
>> I'm being relocated to Houston for work, and need to find some way to 
>> raise     enough money for a decent 1U x86 server so that I can move 
>> all of the           SunHELP stuff to a provider in Houston 
>> eventually (running Solaris x86).
>> I've got a couple machines right now but they're 700Mhz and in 4U 
>> rackmount
>> cases.  If I'm moving to x86 (all the decent 1U Sun machines are too 
>> expensive),
>> I'd like to go for a P4-1.8Ghz or better.
> x86 hardware makes me sad. :(
> But Bill getting a few bucks for this makes me happy. :)
> Steve
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