[SunHELP] Thoughts on mailing list advertising?

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Oct 11 11:31:18 CDT 2004

What are you guys' thoughts on small advertisements (2-3 lines) in the          
message footer at the end of each mail going through the lists I host           
I'm being relocated to Houston for work, and need to find some way to raise     
enough money for a decent 1U x86 server so that I can move all of the           
SunHELP stuff to a provider in Houston eventually (running Solaris x86).

I've got a couple machines right now but they're 700Mhz and in 4U rackmount
cases.  If I'm moving to x86 (all the decent 1U Sun machines are too expensive),
I'd like to go for a P4-1.8Ghz or better.


bill bradford
austin texas

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