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Predrag Zecevic - Solaris System Administrator predrag.zecevic at 2e-systems.com
Mon Oct 11 03:43:11 CDT 2004

Hi Miquel,

if I remember well, there are few forums at http://developers.sun.com/
Regards ;-)

Miguel Cardenas wrote:

>Finally I could install and aparently configure my Solaris. The purpose of it 
>is to port a library that am developing, originally created in Linux and 1st 
>ported to Freebsd. At this time will try to make it work in Solaris (x86) but 
>have two doubts:
>Is there a mailing list for development in Solaris? I can try on a GNU C one 
>since it is based on that compiler, but maybe could need some Solaris related 
>info that may not be proper for a system administration forum. Have reviewed 
>some of the principal OS-depending functions (maybe not at user level but 
>internally) such as threads and dynamic loading functions and they appear to 
>work fine without modifications (or not too many) to the source. Still have 
>to check sockets and other functions but will be later... so, if somebody 
>knows of a programming mailing list in Solaris please tell me, although I 
>guess it won't be very tricky.
>The second doubt. I downloaded my Solaris ISO images from sun.com with a Free 
>Development License. The question is... my library will be freely 
>distributable without charging any fee, anybody knows if I can distribute it 
>for free (binary package) or I need other kind of license (i.e. buy a 
>Thanks for your comments,
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