[SunHELP] Development in Solaris

Miguel Cardenas mfcardenas at prodigy.net.mx
Sun Oct 10 12:24:22 CDT 2004


Finally I could install and aparently configure my Solaris. The purpose of it 
is to port a library that am developing, originally created in Linux and 1st 
ported to Freebsd. At this time will try to make it work in Solaris (x86) but 
have two doubts:

Is there a mailing list for development in Solaris? I can try on a GNU C one 
since it is based on that compiler, but maybe could need some Solaris related 
info that may not be proper for a system administration forum. Have reviewed 
some of the principal OS-depending functions (maybe not at user level but 
internally) such as threads and dynamic loading functions and they appear to 
work fine without modifications (or not too many) to the source. Still have 
to check sockets and other functions but will be later... so, if somebody 
knows of a programming mailing list in Solaris please tell me, although I 
guess it won't be very tricky.

The second doubt. I downloaded my Solaris ISO images from sun.com with a Free 
Development License. The question is... my library will be freely 
distributable without charging any fee, anybody knows if I can distribute it 
for free (binary package) or I need other kind of license (i.e. buy a 

Thanks for your comments,


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