[SunHELP] Sparc 330 and 470 problems

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Oct 9 22:02:12 CDT 2004

I rescued a couple of older Sparcs today, a Sparcstation 330 and a
Sparcserver 470.

Both are in decent shape, physically, although the 330 is missing the top to
the cabinet.

Neither will show anything in normal mode, though I get some serial output
in diag mode.

The 330, in diag mode, produces reasonable output on Serial A.  With no Sun
keyboard or monitor connected, it runs through the whole diagnostic, with
everything reported as OK, until it gets to the "searching for video
devices", at which time it seems to hang.  I waited a couple of minutes,
then shut it off.

In normal mode, the 330 shows no output on Serial A, and, when a keyboard
and known-good Sun color monitor are connected, it shows nothing there,

The 470 in diag mode produces output on Serial A, but does not get through
the diagnostics.  It runs through a few tests, then begins looping, showing
"unexpected interrupt level 0x00000007 at PC 0xffe93358 instruction

In normal mode, it shows nothing anywhere, just like the 330.

Both machines have obviously been fooled with, and the VME boards for the
470 had been removed when I got it.  If those have to be in particular
slots, I'll need some guidance....

If anyone has any ideas about this, I'd love to hear 'em.



Sheldon T. Hall
shel at cmhcsys.com

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