Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sat Oct 9 19:10:55 CDT 2004

" From: Miguel Cardenas <mfcardenas at prodigy.net.mx>
" I've made some changes to my /etc/profile and found the problem... in 
" particular, when the variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set the gnome icons and 
" wallpaper disappear...
" The package I installed was gcc-3.4.2 and require necesarily LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
" to allow my output program to run... if this var is not set, my program tells 
" it was unable to find the library required that is at /usr/local/lib
" Which is the right way to add a lib path to the system? I need it, but when 
" use LD_LIBRARY_PATH my gnome has troubles...

in addition to crle, read the ld man pg, especially the -L and -R
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