[SunHELP] No GUI-solaris 9

saanamvenkata vidyanath svvnath123 at rediffmail.com
Mon Oct 4 09:32:05 CDT 2004

i am running oracle on sun blade with solaris 9 , 64 bit OS. i just
wanted to upgrade my oracle database from to but it was
unsuccessfull. i left my system on and left for my weekend and when i came
back on Monday and tried to wake it from the sleep mode- it doesn't show me
any GUI thing to login as ORACLE user. Only thing what i can see was just the
cursor arrow on the black screen. i pressed the sleep button on key board and
went for a shutdown and again started the system. after starting the system i
am able to login as ROOT  and from there i can login as oracle but when i
re-start the system and try to login as ORACLE user directly it doesn't show
me anything except the black screen with cursor arrow.
 Is it something wrong
with the oracle user because when i try to login as ORACLE it shows me solaris
9 screen and ultimately shows the black screen.
help me please. thanks in


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