[SunHELP] extract tar file in the current directory?

Richard Russell richard.russell at db.com
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I happenned to be reading this page the other day: 

How do I untar a file with absolute paths to a relative location? 
a.      Method 1 (user) 
1.      /usr/bin/pax -r -s ',^/,,' -f file.tar 
b.      Method 2 (root) 
1.      /usr/bin/cp /usr/sbin/static/tar /tmp 
2.      /usr/bin/dd if=file.tar | /usr/bin/chroot /tmp ./tar xf - 


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I have a tar file what I want to extract in a
temporary directory.
The problem is that the tarball has been created
by using the full-paths...


If I'd extract it in /tmp than it still overwrote
the original files in /opt/package...
So, I don't want it to overwrite the files in the
original directory with the backup ones.

Can I force tar to extract the files in the /tmp

Thanks in advance!



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