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Larry A. Magnello 007larry at adelphia.net
Mon Nov 22 13:11:42 CST 2004

I would keep the sunsparc 20. I have one and put many hours compiling many programs
into this machine. I use it to monitor the network traffic in town on the public side
of the router
and to monitor my own network at home.

The computer isn't worth much in money. But in it being a reliable workhorse, that you
invested som much time, why depart with it.

When ever I do a contract job in solaris all my scripts are on my sunsparc20
and scripts for compiling programs. WHen I need something I just take it off
of my sunsparc20 and use it in the work place.


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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 13:41:31 -0500
From: thad at acedsl.com
Subject: [SunHELP] To Sell or Not To Sell
To: sunhelp at sunhelp.org
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I having a dilemma that maybe someone could help me with. I have a SparcStation
20 that I've put a fair amount of money and work into over the last 6 years. I
want to get rid of it for two reasons: (1) I'm basically a WinDoze drone right
now in my career and (2) I'm running out of space to keep it.

But I'm having a hard time departing with my machine. It has been a workhorse
for me over the years. I added 4 processors to it, as well as two 9GB SCSI
drives. It not as powerful as some of the other machines on the market today,
but it has that sentimental value (maybe more so because the money that I put
into it.

I guess my question is, should I just sell it, or should I keep it around to
put it to use again (It's been idle for at least a year and a half)?

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