[SunHELP] To Sell or Not To Sell

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Fri Nov 19 18:49:21 CST 2004

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> I having a dilemma that maybe someone could help me with. I have a SparcStation 
> 20 that I've put a fair amount of money and work into over the last 6 years. I 
> want to get rid of it for two reasons: (1) I'm basically a WinDoze drone right 
> now in my career and (2) I'm running out of space to keep it. 
> But I'm having a hard time departing with my machine. It has been a workhorse 
> for me over the years. I added 4 processors to it, as well as two 9GB SCSI 
> drives. It not as powerful as some of the other machines on the market today, 
> but it has that sentimental value (maybe more so because the money that I put 
> into it. 
> I guess my question is, should I just sell it, or should I keep it around to 
> put it to use again (It's been idle for at least a year and a half)? 

Keep it.  There will come a time where you will turn it on to clear your head
and take a trip back to a simpler time......it's therapeutic!  Find room for it.  I
would think finding room for the monitor would be tougher.  If you really
need to get rid of it, find someone on this list who would like it, maybe 
even return it when you want it back.
I still have my first computer which was a kit (actually soldered the parts
on the board) which I built in the early 80's and my first SUN (an IPX)
Both still work fine.

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