[SunHELP] downloading contract patches from sun via http via script

Predrag Zecevic predrag.zecevic at 2e-systems.com
Thu Nov 18 15:38:20 CST 2004

PatchPro tool from Sun site?

Tom Lieuallen wrote:

>Does anyone out there have information on how to download contract
>patches from sun using a script?  Several days ago, Sun disabled ftp
>access for contract customers.  It still works for public patches (but
>they've changed the layout considerably).
>I can probably get it working, given a little head start.  I have an old
>version of PatchReport that downloaded patches via http (seems like Sun
>has done this before).  However, the cgi mentioned no longer exists.
>Is anyone doing automated path retrieval through Sunsolve's cgi's?
>thank you
>Tom Lieuallen
>Oregon State University
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