[SunHELP] Installing packages

Chris Pinnock cjep at NetBSD.org
Wed Nov 3 04:43:51 CST 2004

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 03:54:34PM +0530, Nitin Gizare wrote:
> Hi Gurus
> We have solaris 2.8 while upgrading gcc ver we see that SUNWarc pkg got
> removed
> And now application which uses file form this pkg are not working.
> Pls let me know how can we install the SUNWarc pkg  now.
> Thanks in advance.

Put in the Solaris 8 media into the CD-ROM drive. Mount it and then use
something like pkgadd, e.g.

cd /cdrom/Solaris_8/Product   (or similar I forget)
ls -l SUNWarc
pkgadd -d . SUNWarc

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