[SunHELP] DVDs under Solaris SPARC

Javier O. Augusto javier.augusto at gmx.net
Tue Nov 2 20:05:17 CST 2004


> I can't speak for the Blade-100 (ours have defective DVD-ROM drives),
> but on a Blade-1500 with XVR-500 graphics I use Ogle to watch my
> favourite Within Temptation concert DVD :)
> Fullscreen I only get 10 fps, but in a smaller window 25 fps.

Thanks for the info Michael.
Yestarday, I pulled off the expert3d-lite from the blade100 and tried to
watch some videos using the ati onboard... same thing, not even a
slighlty difference.. as there were no difference between the atixl
onboard and the expert3d-lite one  < o.O >
So, I guess its all about the code.. I'll try to remove all the CSW
related packages and grab mlib+ ogle and stuff..compile everything from
source and try to get 'better' results..
Still wondering why the opengl backend didn't work with mplayer on the


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