[SunHELP] Disks for Ultra5?

David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Mon May 31 19:08:35 CDT 2004

I looked through my archives, didn't see this question addressed, although
it seems to me it was at one time, but I've got CRS (Can't Remember
Stuff ;-).

I was given an Ultra5, and Ebayed myself 512Mb memory at a reasonable
price.  OBP is latest (flash is up to date), and it's the 270Mhz CPU model
(what do ya want for nothing?).

It's only got a 4GB drive, & I see some 40GB WD & 80GB Seagates for not
too much $ after rebates in the local ads.  What's the
restriction/limit/etc. on IDE drives?  Will any larger PATA (parallel
ATA) drive work?  Both the WD & Seagates are 7200
rpm, fwiw.

David Strom

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