[SunHELP] Disk remirror after deleting lines in system and vfstab?

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Mon May 31 09:18:16 CDT 2004

On May 31, 2004, at 1:20 AM, ert weerr wrote:

> Could you help me please, how I can remirror the disks
> now?
> The second disk is a brand new one and I just created
> the new partitions and file systems on it.

John, it the metadevice configuration is kept in the /etc/lvm/md.cf 
file, not in /etc/system or /etc/vfstab

With DiskSuite, there are two things that go into /etc/system. This is 
info about your metadbs - the entries in /etc/system essentially tell 
the kernel at boot time where to find them. The second thing is if your 
root partition is a metadevice (mirrored, etc) and that the kernel 
should treat it as such.

What you need to repopulate the /etc/system file with is the above 
info. Hopefully, you HAVE NOT rebooted your system. run 'metadb -p -k 
/etc/system' This will repopulate the metadb locations in your 

Second, if your system drives/partitions are mirrored, add the 
following to /etc/system as well:

* Begin MDD root info (do not edit)
forceload: misc/md_trans
forceload: misc/md_raid
forceload: misc/md_hotspares
forceload: misc/md_stripe
forceload: misc/md_mirror
forceload: drv/sbus
forceload: drv/isp
forceload: drv/fas
forceload: drv/sd
rootdev:/pseudo/md at 0:0,10,blk
* End MDD root info (do not edit)


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