[SunHELP] Disk remirror after deleting lines in system and vfstab?

ert weerr sun1sol at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 00:20:43 CDT 2004

Hi Guruz,

On a SUN box someone has deleted the mirror by
editing the system and vfstab file and deleting all
of the related lines...

Now, I had to remirror the disks but when I issue
the metadb and metastat commands than I can see that
the system thinks that the disks are still set
to mirror.

I'm not sure that I can issue the metadetach,
commands in this situation, maybe it could cause data

Could you help me please, how I can remirror the disks
The second disk is a brand new one and I just created
the new partitions and file systems on it.

Thanks in advance!



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