[SunHELP] V440 prtdiag error

Lara Matthews lara.matthews at accesscomputing.co.uk
Sat May 29 08:41:25 CDT 2004

Hi Andreas

Andreas Putzo wrote:

> Hello,
> i have a Sun Fire-V440 and use 'prtdiag' to check the health status
> of the hardware. For some reason prtdiag doesn't output FAN speed
> and temperature anymore. prtdiag still has an exit status of 0, but
> in the Section 'Fru Status' it says, that SC is faulty. I wonder, if this has
> something to do with the failure of the sensors.
> What exactly is 'SC'? Do i have to replace the faulty part or is
> there another way to further investigate this issue?

SC is probably referring to the scAdvanced Lights-Out Manager (ALOM)

Check out 
see the admin guide for info on Basic ALOM Functions.



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