[SunHELP] special differential cables?

Lara Matthews lara.matthews at accesscomputing.co.uk
Sat May 29 08:31:59 CDT 2004

Hi Bob

Bob Ababurko wrote:
> Hi all-
>   I am a bit confused in terms of which cable I should use to hook up a 
> new array(D1000) that I just got.  It requires a differential SCSI 
> controller but I don't know if there is a special cable that I need so 
> that I don't screw anything up.  I have HD68-HD68(pn 501-1884) cables 
> right now, but I hesitate to use them until I know for sure.  TIA
> ____

The nearest sun cable I can find to your description is
530-1884 	External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 80 cm

Which was supported on an old 9Gb disk Differential SCSI Disk Subsystem.

So if this is the cable it should work.  However it is not in the listed 
supported cables for the D1000:


Option# Manuf Part# 	Description
n/a 	150-1890        Differential SCSI Terminator, HD68 	
n/a 	530-1883 	External SCSI Jumper Cable, HD68 to HD68, 20cm
X3830A  530-2454  	External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDC, 4M 	
X3831A  530-2455 	External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDC, 10M 	
X902A   530-1885  	External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 2M 	
X979A   530-1886  	External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 12M 	



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