[SunHELP] single ended or differential?

Lara Matthews lara.matthews at accesscomputing.co.uk
Wed May 26 03:33:41 CDT 2004

Hi Bob

Bob Ababurko wrote:

> So, what is it that I have?  What type of scsi interfaces are in my 
> Ultra 60?  I am thinking that the internal interface that my system 
> disks lie on are single ended and like wise for the external built in 
> interface.  Can someone out there confirm or deny this?  
> ____

According to the handbook the Ultra 60 SCSI interface is:

Highbperformance I/O
Two channels at 40 MB/second UltraSCSI, one internal, and one external

Two (1 internal/1 external) 40bMB UltraSCSI channels with an external 
68bpin SCSI connector

The internal SCSI host controller operates in Fastb20 (UltraSCSI) mode 
by default. Installation of nonbFASTb20 devices, although allowed, will 
decrease overall SCSI performance.
The total combined SCSI cable length must not exceed three meters for 
fast/wide operation or 1.5 meters for Fastb20 (UltraSCSI) operation.
To achieve Fastb20 speeds on all devices on the bus, it is recommended that:
A maximum of two Sun StorEdge UniPack systems using Fastb20 cables be 
connected to the
external connector.
All devices on the SCSI bus should be Fastb20 devices. (NonbFastb20 
devices may cause the
internal devices to run at fast/wide speeds, but are supported.)

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


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