[SunHELP] Bind 9.2.3

Lara Matthews lara.matthews at accesscomputing.co.uk
Wed May 26 03:21:55 CDT 2004

Hi Ron

Ron Wickersham wrote:

> hi Lara,
> i read the digest so this may be very late on the thread...
> 1) you have the PTR records for three hosts in  the file
>    /var/named/rev.213.128.229
> 2) but you don't have A records for them in
>    /var/named/accesscomputing.co.uk
>    the MX record is ok so far as it goes, but it doesn't have an A record
>    to give an address to mailhost.accesscomputing.co.uk.   (likewise you
>    don't have an A record for www.accesscomputing.co.uk).

Opps the bottom of the file must have been truncated.  The A records are 
definatley there, sorry to add to the confusion.

> 3) in another msg it could be inferred that the host you are running on is
>    a single box which is to have the three numeric addresses and run all
>    the services on the single box (at least for testing).   if this is the
>    case then you need to add suitable lines in /etc/ such as hostname:le0:1
>    hostname:le0:2 in addition to the main hostname:le0 file and reboot or
>    alternately ifconfig the additional addresses manually.
I don't have all the addresses setup on the box atm, but I didn't think 
that would make a difference as I am not trying to contact them just 
look up a record on them. I will add the ports and see if it fixes it.

I do have the main address plumbed and working.

> 4) finally, i'd comment out all the options you have added in the config
>    file (except for the directory and pid file) and see if that helps.
>    then add them back one at a time to see if one of them breaks.  i had
>    to look up some of them as they are rarely encountered, although i
>    couldn't see anything obviously wrong there, i've never used most of
>    them.

This sounds like a plan I shall have a go at it thanks.

Kind regards


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