[SunHELP] BIND 9.2.3

George Munk MUNKG at iomega.com
Tue May 25 11:02:54 CDT 2004


I think this entire time you have been a lot closer to being done than
you realize. Other that your comment about the mailhost typo, I think
you have been struggling more with the tools (nslookup, dig, host) used
to verify whether your DNS server is working than with the DNS server
configuration itself.

Note that dig has a "-x" option useful for reverse name resolution.

"dig -x a.b.c.d" is equivalent to "dig ptr d.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa"

George Munk

> Yes just realized that when I tried to do a reverse lookup
> with dig.  O
> am a bit confused as to why the reverse lookups work with
> host but dig
> doesn't.
> Brain slowly melting.
> Cheers
> Lara

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