[SunHELP] Bind 9.2.3

Vipul Bhadra vipul.bhadra at techpacindia.com
Tue May 25 08:51:32 CDT 2004

Hi Lara ,

yeh ur right .. basically both "Domain" and "Search" options are same
(either needs to be mentioned in the resolv.conf file and NOT both). Hope u
restarted the daemon. Hmmm in that case i will assume there is problem wit
hreverse lookup of ur name server . I think u have prob with reverse lookup
of IP (ur name server)...  check if this IP is revserse
mapping to some name.

To be sure do this ....Try .... nslookup -

Thanks & Regards ,
Vipul Bhadra

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Hi Matt / Vipul

Vermette, Matt Spawar (723) wrote:

> A search entry would be good!

I have never had search entryys in my resolv.conf files before and they 
have alwys worked.

However I have just added it incase bind 9 is more of a stickler and 
still nothing :(



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