[SunHELP] Raidion Systems?

Douglas haefele at mchsi.com
Sun May 23 21:16:35 CDT 2004

I've pulled an old Raidion LTX SCSI RAID out of the closet in hopes of 
using it to backup a small server (SS20) and need some help getting it 
running again. For example, is replacing the drives a simple swap? The 
existing ones are lovely old Micropolis 3243's but 2 of the four are 
dead and I'd like to replace them with 4 Seagate 9.1GB  narrow drives 
that are handy.

The company appears moribund (www.raidionsystems.com).  The online 
links to manuals are dead and email to the tech support address is 
returned as undeliverable. Phone calls to Tech Support get voicemail 
but no return call. Web searching leads to old product reviews, the 
company homepage, and not much else that's useful.

Appreciate any leads, perhaps the name of your favorite SCSI raid 

TIA for your help, Doug

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