[SunHELP] problems with libcrypt_i.so.1

Thomas F. Schiller TFSchiller at gmx.de
Fri May 21 16:01:29 CDT 2004


I got a Ultra 10 since a few weeks and installed Solaris 9 4/04.
Everything is going fine except one program: Sylpheed-claws 0.9.10.

It crashes and runs full steam if I try to save an encrypted password.
I discussed this already in the Sylpheed mailing list and the results are:
This is only a problem with the 4/04, all other version run fine, also does the Solaris 10 version.

recommended solution: install an older version of Solaris 9 or install Solaris 10.
Well, I don't got an older version of solaris and I don't want to install beta-software.

Does anyone else got problems with this library?

Is it possible to use a copy of an old libcrypt_i.so.1?

Thanks in advance

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