[SunHELP] what hardware/architecture do you use for dns and web?

Bob Ababurko ababurko at adelphia.net
Thu May 13 02:36:45 CDT 2004


   I am in an interesting position in at my new place of employment to 
influence the choice maker(s) in the hardware that will be implemented in 
their transition.  Right now they are running Linux based hardware which I 
am not all that happy about....but hey its a job  They like Linux due to 
the its cost effective nature.  I have told them that I believe we can do 
this with similarly priced Sun hardware, which can be had on ebay for 
comparable costs...... but do not know what will be required.
   What I would like to know is....would something like the Ultra 1 be 
sufficient to run a primary DNS, with a second for secondary or would 
something more be needed.  The DNS will mainly be used for a large 
announcement list...(so, alot of lookups)  Also, what would an Ultra 1 
running apache run like?  Maybe I could get anyone or everyone to post on 
or off list, to reveal what hardware/architecture they are running and what 
kind of performance/numbers they are seeing(for both DNS and web).  I 
realize that Ultra 1 are not very high performance but, I figured I needed 
to start somewhere since cost is definitely a factor.
   I would very much like to be administering Solaris boxen at work, so any 
help would be greatly appreciated!


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