[SunHELP] Disk Mirroring and failover

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Thanks for all of the responses so far.  One last question then.  If the
system keeps running uninterrupted after a failed disk then how do you know
you have a failed disk.  Is there some sort of notification built in to SDS



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Naw man, the mirror disk will kick in...not to worry...you don't have to
reboot or anything...this stuff is for high availability, so it keeps
running...depending on the system (if you have hot swap disks), you replace
bad disk, resync, and drive on...even on OS disk...we been doing this for a
few years...


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I believe if the main drive fails, you would have to reboot into the ok
prompt and then get the boot command to boot off of the second drive. Then
replace the original drive and then rebuild the mirror.

If the mirrored drive fails, you only have to hotswap a new drive in and
rebuild the mirror.


At 02:13 PM 5/11/2004, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm reading up on using Solstice Disk Suite, but I do not seem to be able
>to find the answer to one of my questions.  It concerns disk mirroring.
>our systems we run one hard drive that contains both the OS and our
>applications.  If we were running SDS and mirrored this drive then would
>our systems just keep running if there was a drive failure ?  Or does
>have to be some sort of manual intervention to switch the mirrored disk to
>now run as the active/primary disk ?
>Thanks for any assistance,
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