[SunHELP] SPARCBook Parts and Accessories FT/FS

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun May 9 16:53:40 CDT 2004

I've got a pile of Tadpole SPARCBook and P1000 systems and accessories 

No reasonable offer refused.  I'm looking for trades of a used XBox, 
anything interesting (ham radio gear?), or outright sales.  I don't have
the room to keep all of this around.

Email me with any questions.


Hard Drives (in carriers):
520MB: 							Qty 4
810MB:							Qty 5
1.2GB:							Qty 1
Unknown, no carrier, but has the tadpole adapter:	Qty 2

"Series 2" stuff works with SB3 series or P1000 systems.

Tadpole Series 2 Mini Docking Station:			Qty. 3
SparcBook 3 Back Panel Covers: 				Qty. 2
Series 2 AC Adapter (SB3 series / P1000)		Qty. 11
Series 2 External Battery:				Qty. 1
SPARCbook / P1000 External Floppy Drive w/Cable:  	Qty. 7
Series 2 Removable Drive (external HD) Enclosure: 	Qty. 1


Complete P1000 Documentation & Driver Floppy Set:	Qty. 1
Solaris 2.6, version E.0, for SPARCBook3/3000		Qty. 4 
Solaris 2.5.1, version D.1, for SPARCBook3/3000		Qty. 1 (still sealed)
Solaris 1.0.1, Version B.1, for SPARCBook		Qty. 1


SPARCBook 3GX, 32M RAM, 1.2GB HD, Floppy,
Ethernet transceiver, AC adapter, carrying case		Qty. 1

Tadpole P1000 (Pentium 100Mhz), 16, 32 or 64MB
RAM, your choice of HD above, Floppy, Mini-Dock,
AC adapter.  No carrying case.  			Qty. 4

Tadpole P1000 (Pentium 100Mhz), non-working		Qty. 4+
(Uses same LCD, keyboard, enclosure, etc as 
SPARCBook 3 series - good for parts).  These
will be discarded in a week if no interest.

bill bradford
austin texas

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