[SunHELP] What is load Avg?

Hobbs, Richard hobbs at mongeese.co.uk
Fri May 7 09:41:29 CDT 2004


The three load averages are the following, respectively:

 - Average number of jobs queued for CPU time over the last 5 minutes.

 - Average number of jobs queued for CPU time over the last 10 minutes.

 - Average number of jobs queued for CPU time over the last 15 minutes.

So, load average readings of 1, 2, 3 for example would signify that over the
last 5 minutes there has been an average of 1 job queued for CPU time and
over the last 15 minutes the system has been getting calmer/quieter.

As for what is causing the load to go high, basically you need to check for
processes using a lot of CPU time by running the "prstat" or "top" command.
Remember however, that the load average shows the number of jobs (threads)
queued up, so one process could have a single thread (seti at home, DNET
etc...) or could have multiple threads (mozilla probably).

I'm 99.9% this is all correct anyway :-)



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> HI
> I have Solaris 2.6 running eda application. I happes to see
> uptime
>  5:59pm  up 35 day(s),  3:47,  4 users,  load average: 13.35, 
> 13.44, 13.65
>  Let me know what is load average ?
>  How can u find out what is causing load to go so high ?
> Rgds
> Nitin
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