[SunHELP] FT: Motorola MPx200 Smartphone

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Wed May 5 22:41:12 CDT 2004

I just switched to a Sony/Ericsson T226 cell phone, and so I've got my
Motorola MPx200 Smartphone up for trade.  This is basically a PocketPC
Smartphone (running Smartphone 2002).

Motorola's page:

AT&T Wireless' page:

This is a great phone, but overkill for my needs (I didn't really need
full PDA functionality after all).  I really liked the audio quality,
display, and the fact that it has no external antenna to get broken.

The only issue I ever had with this phone was that my SIM card did not 
always make good contact with the contacts in the phone, so I had to put a
piece of paper between it and the battery to make a tighter connection.  
This may have been the specific SIM card that AT&T gave me.  Other than
that, I got excellent service and reception using it.

I don't have a SIM card from another provider to test with, but the phone
may be locked to AT&T Wireless.  I've heard mixed reports of whether the
MPx200s were unlocked by default.  In any case, there are many places on
the 'Net (or even possibly local) that can unlock the phone for a small

I've got the phone, battery, AC adapter, and desktop cradle (which is
just a stand with a MiniUSB cable).  I think I may still have the original
box and packaging around here as well, along with a still-sealed copy of 
Outlook and ActiveSync.  Everything is about five months old; I got it in 
late December or early January.

I'd like to trade the phone + accessories for a working used XBox (with
one controller) so I can build an XBox Media Center machine.

AT&T's current price on the phone (with a 2-year contract) is $249.99. 
I paid $170 after a (hefty) corporate discount, so I figure a trade for
a used XBox ($149 new, $110 around here used) is pretty even.

Email me if interested.


bill bradford
austin texas

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