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You might also take this opportunity to upgrade your firmware, if needed.

-- tg

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On May 5, 2004, at 8:42 PM, Bob Ababurko wrote:

> hey all-
>   I am wondering if I can swap out processors on my Ultra 60 and just 
> do a reconfiguration boot to configure the OS...or do I have to start 
> with a fresh OS install to make the new processor work.  I am trying 
> to go from a dual 300 to a single 450.  I would also like to ask the 
> list members what the performance advantages are of having a dual 
> processor.  I am under the impression that dual procs will not help 
> out performance-wise on things like web, mail, and dns.  Is this true? 
>  Or do we just need dual processors for databases and such?

You don't even need to reconfigure, just pop the processor in and it'll 
work.  You could do a 'boot -r" just for the sake of completeness, but 
it's not necessary.

As far as dual vs single, Dual will *always* help speed up the user 
experience.  With a system like Suns, especially using Solaris, you 
will notice dramatic speed increases with a second processor.  Suns 
have amazing multi-proc ability.

Kurt Huhn
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