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Edward Chase echase at studentweb.providence.edu
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dd - safer...?  No!  Write anything to the source drive and your destination
drive is out of sync at that point.  dd is just a snapshot of the source


I found the documents at docs.sun.com to be pretty good at getting me
through it all.  I just setup mirroring on a Solaris 9  (2) drive system.

The biggest thing that you may need to read a few times about is the
"Solaris Volume Manager State Database Replicas".  If I'm doing it correctly
there needs to be a small slice on each of your disks for these.  Which you
may need to repartition your drives in order to add one.  (I've got 50MB set
for this.)

Contact me directly and perhaps I can help you out a bit.  I don't claim to
be an expert on this, but I've just done it recently and took notes.
Perhaps I can get you through it.

Ed (echase at studentweb dot providence dot edu)

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Use dd in crontab, much safer.

> RE the mirrored boot disks question:
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> Hello All,
> I am needing some help with Disk Suite.
> I have an e450 running Solaris 9.  I have two discs that I want to
> mirror using disk suite.  I don't have the first clue on where to
> start.  I've tried to understand the manual from sun documentation but
> it's just way too overwhelming with information and terms I have no
> idea what they mean.
> If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.  I will be
> needing some true hand holding with this though as I am not very
> familiar with Mirroring/RAID 1/Disk Suite.
> I understand if no one replies to this and I understand that every
> system is different so mine will also need special assistance.
> Perhaps someone could point me to a website that has a good How-To?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex
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> If you are mirroring the root (boot) disks, then I suggest you check
> out the Sun Blueprints online articles, specifically:
> Configuring Boot Disks With Solaris Volume Manager Software
> http://www.sun.com/solutions/blueprints/1002/817-0407-10.pdf
> Some very good info there for free, too.  Especially note the
> /etc/system parameter that allows a 2-disk system to keep going if one
> disk fails, something like "set md-mirrored-root = 1".
> HTH.
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