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RE the mirrored boot disks question:
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Hello All,

I am needing some help with Disk Suite.

I have an e450 running Solaris 9.  I have two discs that I want to mirror
using disk suite.  I don't have the first clue on where to start.  I've
tried to understand the manual from sun documentation but it's just way too
overwhelming with information and terms I have no idea what they mean.

If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.  I will be needing
some true hand holding with this though as I am not very familiar with
Mirroring/RAID 1/Disk Suite.

I understand if no one replies to this and I understand that every system
is different so mine will also need special assistance.

Perhaps someone could point me to a website that has a good How-To?

Thanks in advance,

If you are mirroring the root (boot) disks, then I suggest you
check out the Sun Blueprints online articles, specifically:

Configuring Boot Disks With Solaris Volume Manager Software

Some very good info there for free, too.  Especially note the 
/etc/system parameter that allows a 2-disk system to keep going if one 
disk fails, something like "set md-mirrored-root = 1".

David Strom

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