[SunHELP] Disk Suite

Mike's List mikelist at sky.net
Thu Mar 18 12:57:24 CST 2004

Below are some of my notes, hope it helps.  I have not reference it
for quite sometime and the notes could probably just make sense to me.
It's mainly for / partition, just expands it for swap and /usr, etc.

First, make a copy of /etc/system and /etc/vfstab for reference/backup.
[ # and () equals comments/notes ]

Mirroring Root, Swap or /usr slices:

1) metadb -f -a -c # <slice> 	# need to do first in order to mirror,
				# concat or RAID 5

   example: metadb -f -a -c 7 c0t2d0s4 c0t3d0s4
		# create meta device dbase on the slice you assign, s4
            metadb -d (to delete) -i (inquiry) -a (attach) -f
		# create initial state database -c # (50 state db max)

2) metainit -f d0 1 1 c0t3d0s0	# create a submirror d0
   metainit -f d10 1 1 c0t2d0s0 # create a second submirror d10

3) metainit d100 -m d0		# create a one-way with the first sumbmirror

4) metaroot d100		# this is for / (root) partition only,
				# auto edit /etc/system and /etc/vfstab

For any other slices or partition you will need to edit your /etc/vfstab
manually, for example:
/dev/md/dsk/d32     /dev/md/rdsk/d32     /usr 	ufs 2 	no   logging

5) lockfs -fa			# this is for / (root) partition only,
				# do not run for other slices, run once

6) init 6	#reboot, have problem look at Troubleshooting below

7) metattach d100 d10		# attach the second submirror, d10,
				# to the mirror, d100, causes mirror resync

8) metastat d100		# display status or metastat -p d100 (d#)
				# for specific disk

Un-mirroring Root, Swap or /usr slices:

1) metadetach d1 d2 (d100, d0 or d10)	# detach the submirror that
					# contains the root slice to
					# create a one-way mirror
2) metaroot /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0	# to edit /etc/vfstab and /etc/system
				# and specify new / partition to boot
3) init 6
4) metaclear -r d1		# remove the metadevices using the
				# metaclear command
   metaclear d2

Mirroring Troubleshooting:

1) Boot into single user mode via cdrom and boot cd.
   Mount /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0 to /a and the mirror disk.
2) Look at /etc/system and comment (use *) out all the lines associated
   with DiskSuite on both disks.
3) Also look at /etc/vfstab and have the right partition to boot from
   or mount from, on both disks.

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