[SunHELP] Inserting 66MHz PCI card to 33MHz slots

Mike's List mikelist at sky.net
Wed Mar 17 20:59:17 CST 2004

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Mohd Yazid wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have one Emulex LP9002L-E HBA PCI card. From the
> packaging its says 64bit 66MHz. The problem is that
> all 66MHz slots in my server are alraedy occupied. Is
> it safe (does not damage the card) if I install this
> card to the 33Mhz slots. The voltage used by 66MHz and
> 33MHz differs, I'm afraid it will damage the card, has
> anyone have any experience on this? BTW, the card
> interface allows it to be inserted to both 33/66 MHz
> slot.

It depends on the card, newer 66Mhz cards are downward compatible
with 32-bit/33Mhz slot but check the card/model at Emulex website.
Some older 64-bit/66Mhz cards might not function in 32-bit slot.

Website for the product is always a good place to start...

- Mike

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