[SunHELP] clustered 280: high percentage of usr cpu time

Tige D. Chastain tdchastain at insightbb.com
Tue Mar 16 23:39:50 CST 2004


You could always attach a truss process to what you think is eating CPU
and see what it is doing.  What does top show you?  What processes are
getting CPU time the most?  

I administrate two V880s that are clustered and they didn't have the
same issue you are seeing.  That said, I was not running the
Availability Suite that you reference.  


On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 00:16, michael.petereit at materna.de wrote:
> Hi,
> I have two 280s runnig in a cluster with two 3310 storages.
> Since the two machines became a cluster (formerly they acted as single
> machines) "prstat -a" and "sar" show me a high amount of usr time on the cpu
> and very low idle time even there is nothing running on it. Every ressource
> group is offline and the system should have idle time of 90%.
> The only new thing is the "availability suite" of SUN.
> I assume this software is eating up most of the cpu time on this cluster
> system.
> Am I right ?
> Regards,
> Michael
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