[SunHELP] lpr error

Bret Adams bret at fabrikant.com
Tue Mar 9 09:06:19 CST 2004

Hey Everybody:

I applied the latest patch set for my E3500 with kernel 108529-29.  I keep 
getting lpr errors in the messages file.

Mar  8 15:38:58 xxxx lp[24409]: [ID 889138 lpr.error] Warning: Received 
SIGPIPE; continuing

Along with that, a random print job will keep repeating at random but not 
on all printers.  I have already tried the usual things including shutting 
down the lp service and cleaning out /var/spool/print.  I am thinking that 
maybe one of the lp patches included in the patchset disrupted the 
communication between the box and the printers.  The one patch that SUN 
mentioned was 109320 which is currently at revision 09 is updated.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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