[SunHELP] how to Tar+gzip on Solaris

Predrag Zecevic Predrag.Zecevic at 2e-systems.com
Tue Mar 9 05:48:42 CST 2004


Solaris tar cannot invoke gzip, use GNU tar instead (many GNU utils for 
Solaris: www.blastwave.org)!
It is possible to have 22MB (depends what is on /usr/dns dir).

Best regards ;-)

Vishal wrote:

>BlankHello All,
>I m a Newbie to Solaris, I need to backup the files with tar and gzip , this
>is what i used ;
>tar -cvf ns1_backup.tar.gz /etc/named.conf /usr/dns
>The file size goes to 22MB is this Normal ???  We use solaris as our DNS
>server mainly and its has got huge amount of Domains but will the file size
>go 22Mb, I dunno if i m putting it right in words but what i want is did it
>gzip'd or only tarrred with above option ????
>Thanks in Advance
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