[SunHELP] FS: Sun X465A/370-2068 Keyboard Interface Converter

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Mar 4 18:57:01 CST 2004

While cleaning and purging my garage, I ran across another one of these.  I
no longer have any Sun machines with Type-5 keyboard interfaces that are used
with a graphical head, so I don't have any more use for it.

Sun PS/2 Keyboard Interface Converter
Part # X465A / 370-2068 "Sible"

This box lets you plug a PS/2 keyboard and mouse into a Sun system 
that has a Type-5 keyboard and mouse interface.  No external power 
supply is needed.

You can use combinations like:
- Sun keyboard, PS/2 mouse (or USB mouse with USB-to-PS2 adapter)
- PS/2 keyboard, Sun Mouse
- Sun keyboard, Sun Mouse, PS/2 mouse
- PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 Mouse

I used one on a SPARCStation 10 with a Microsoft Natural keyboard for a 
couple of years, and used a SGI PS/2 keyboard and Logitech optical mouse
with an Ultra 10 until about six months ago.

This is the same product I reviewed in 2000 at 
http://www.sunhelp.org/review-hardware-adapter.php (with pictures).

Sun sold these for $75, and discontinued them in fall 2003.  These were
actually made by Kinesys, and Kinesys continued selling their version 
without a Sun logo on it (for $150) until a couple of months ago.

I'm asking $50, shipping (USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 3-day) included.
Email me if you're interested.  Trade offers (guitar stuff, nifty gadgets,
etc) considered.


bill bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
austin, texas

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