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Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Mar 3 15:36:09 CST 2004

"From: James Dickens <jdickens at ameritech.net>
"On Wednesday 03 March 2004 01:14 pm, Sandwich Maker wrote:
"> "From: patrick.marquetecken at pandora.be
"> "
"> "What is the latest version of Solaris can i install on a Sparc station 4 ?
"> solaris 10, if you have space for it.
"not even close... solaris 10 requires a 200+ mhz ultra sparc.... that rules 
"out any ultra 1 and ultra 2's that aren't running 300+mhz cpus

[eg. no us1 chips, only us2 and above]

yeah, i saw that pg...  but i keep hearing that s10 -does- have sun4m
support in it.

"solaris 9 may run on the sparcstation 4 but needs at least 128 megs of ram. 

it certainly should.

"earlier versions of solaris would be a good idea but hard to get.

2.6 is often regarded as a good tradeoff between size and age.
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