[SunHELP] Sun 3510fc SAN serial port

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Mon Mar 1 10:30:32 CST 2004

Thanks! That worked. I assumed 9600. Wow, 38400 on Sun equipment, I 
guess I have to get with the program!

I was able to access the UI, set the IP etc. I used a regular db9 cable 
and connected straight to my laptop with no nullmodem or anything.


Tom Jones wrote:

>Here's the port config from our Annex box which is connected to our 3510FC:
>port asy4:
>                        Port Generic Parameters
>                mode: slave                        location: ""
>                type: hardwired                    term_var: ""
>              prompt: ""                      cli_interface: uci
>               speed: 38400                        autobaud: N
>           data_bits: 8                           stop_bits: 1
>              parity: none                max_session_count: 3
>     allow_broadcast: Y                 broadcast_direction: port
>         imask_7bits: N                          cli_imask7: Y
>   ps_history_buffer: 0                              banner: Y
>       tcp_keepalive: 0                   dedicated_address:
>      dedicated_port: 5004                    type_of_modem: ""
>default_session_mode: interactive       dedicated_arguments: ""
>    resolve_protocol: connect
>Note the baud rate of 38400.  
>Tom Jones
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>>How do you talk to the box? What kind of cable? I have a serial cable, 
>>null modem adapter, gender changers, db9->rj45 Sun adapters and I tried 
>>all kinds of combos and I get nothing. I can access all my other Sun 
>>equipment with the serial console, but this unit uses a db9 instead of 
>>an rj45, so that might have something to do.
>>I have to get to the serial console to set the IP address, then I'll be 
>>able to manage it from my management network, but if I cant get on the 
>>console, I cant set that.
>>Any idea?
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