[SunHELP] Root partition disk space requirement for upgrading O/S

Markham, Richard RLMarkham at hafeleamericas.com
Mon Mar 1 10:09:01 CST 2004

seems like we got away with 400mb that was the /usr fs.

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We are running solaris 5.7 and we plan to upgrade them to solaris 8.
Based on documentation, it requires root partition to have at leaset
800Meg free disk spaces prior to upgrade.  The problem we have on all
our systems is the root partition only has 700Kbytes free disk spaces
left but we have plenty room on /export/home partition.  Is there a way
to solve disk space issue on root partition?  And does it really mean
root partition must have 800Meg free disk space left to successfully
upgrade the O/S?

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