[SunHELP] SS1000 does random? hard lockups during Sol 8 install.

Lumpkin, Buddy Buddy.Lumpkin at nordstrom.com
Mon Mar 1 02:44:02 CST 2004

Any component could be at fault.

I would suggest removing all SBUS cards including your frame buffer, all CPUs
but one and all memory sticks but one and booting from serial port A. If it
still locks up swap the installed CPU and memory DIMM with one of your spares
and check again. If the hanging goes away, divide and conquer.



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I've tried a few times to reinstall Sol 8 on my SS1000.  I just got a
Turbo GX and put it in last night, so I decided to reinstall Sol to get
the drivers and put all the  packages it wanted on. (I've got a single
4.5GB drive in it.  Anyone have the main quad drive bracket/rails or a
disk card for an SS1000?)  I thought it might be overheating, so I
checked and cleaned a layer of lint from the intake screen under the
side cover.  I also took out an MBUS module that has some physical
damage.  Still it locks up.  It seemed to be running fine as a headless
machine with just my Wyse 60 on the console with 6 CPUs installed.  For
now even removing the "bad" module seems to have no effect on these
seemingly random lockups.  Of course, now that I've got a borked Sol 8
install I can't really test the system any other way than to keep
trying to install, which keeps failing...

Could the TGX be at fault?  Should I pull all but one module?  I've
tested the 896MB RAM so I'm pretty sure it's not a RAM issue.  Could
the SCSI drive cuase these troubles?  Is there something I'm missing?
The SS1000 is my first real SMP iron, me being a young poor Comp. Sci.
student, so I'm kinda at a bit of a loss as to what to trouble shoot
when all 6 CPUs do a hard lockup and *nothing* works except a turn of
the keyswitch. :(



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