[SunHELP] solaris 9 install is problematic

Edward Chase echase at studentweb.providence.edu
Wed Jun 30 15:53:53 CDT 2004

Not that this help Bob, but I'm glad (in a twisted way) that someone else is
having issues with a Solaris 9 install!

I had the worst time with a 7 to 9 upgrade.  It finally took after
trying/retrying what seemed 18 different times.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure
what made it decide to work.

Good luck.

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> I am installing Solaris 9 sparc on a Ultra1 from cd's that I
> downloaded and
> burned from the sun site. I am doing this from the serial port with a
> hyperterminal connection, btw. I do a complte install w/ OEM
> support and
> everything goes fine until the sytem reboots and where it is
> supposed to
> ask me for the 2nd of the 2 cd. It says:
> Unable to run Launcher without Java.
> and continues with the login and gives me a prompt, skipping
> the second cd.
> What could this be? Could I have a bad cd1? Are there logs
> that may tell me
> what is happening? Any help would be appreciated.
> thanks,

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