[SunHELP] help: unix and comcast broadband

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Jun 29 09:58:54 CDT 2004

" To: awouk at nilenet.com, sunhelp at sunhelp.org
"  i have a sparc 2/10 local network (two of each) and i am planning to
" get a broadband connection.
" i have been using a dial-up connection via kermit to this point.
" with the broadband i need to switch to a local browser, i assume. for a
" sparc10 with either hypersparc 150 mhz or twin 75mhz supersparcs (i
" have one of each) is there any preferred browser: opera or mozilla?

-probably- opera.

i have only a sparc2/weitek and am thus limited to s2.6.  i found a
mozilla 1.1 compiled for 2.6 once, but the first time i launched it,
it was sooo ssslllooowww i thought it had wedged my system.  it's even
slow running.  and bloated?  it's a good thing i've got the extra ram
card and plenty of swap, because its memory footprint was well over
300M, and the resident set was more than opera 5.1b and netscape 4.79
put together.  mozilla 1.4 over ssh over ppp over a 33.6 dialup is

later versions are somewhat better, and if you compile it yourself you
can shed the im, mail, etc functionality modules you don't use.

opera does occasionally crash on me, but 5.1b was actually compiled
under s7 and i cheat to make it run under 2.6.  it's been getting
better though - effect of 2.6 patches?

you can run s9 on a sparc10, and there's a more recent opera ver for
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