[SunHELP] help: unix and comcast broadband

Lund, Dennis Dennis.Lund at sciatl.com
Mon Jun 28 23:56:22 CDT 2004

I don't have ComCast cable connection, but did have Charter.  I simply used
a Lynxus 4 port router.  It did the DHCP to Charter and my Unix and WinBLOWS
machined made DHCP connections to the router.  Worked great except for the
problems with the Charter servers going down so often.


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I use comcast and did the "self install" for what was at the time AT&T
cable. The installation requirements may have changed since that time.

I had to install some software on a PC that was directly attached to the
external cable modem. The software was used to do the initial activation
of the connection. I think there was also a Mac version of the software.
I have kept the PC around in case I ever have to re-activate the
connection or have connection problems that are easier for comcast to
troubleshoot with a direct attached PC. I haven't needed it yet.

Since the cable Internet was installed, I have been running various
hardware platforms and operating systems behind a router (commonly
referred to as a "DSL and cable router" at consumer electronics stores)
doing address translation to the public IP address which is dynamically
assigned using DHCP. Works great. So the setup looks like:

coax cable -- external cable modem  -- ethernet cable -- NAT'ing router
-- home network


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 i have a sparc 2/10 local network (two of each) and i am planning to
get a broadband connection. dsl is out (qwest's service area come to
about a quarter mile of my house and stops). so i am left with my cable
provider comcast. i am told that their tech support people only
understand windows.  is there any place where i can find info on a
connection from unix?

my daughter has a power mac g4 which will also be connected wirelessly
to the ethernet hub which i use. any clues as to how to make everything
work with comcast would be appreciated.

i have been using a dial-up connection via kermit to this point. with
the broadband i need to switch to a local browser, i assume. for a
sparc10 with either hypersparc 150 mhz or twin 75mhz supersparcs (i have
one of each) is there any preferred browser: opera or mozilla?
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