[SunHELP] Checkpoint FW-1 on Sun Solaris - Config Viewer für the .pf Files

Javier O. Augusto javier.augusto at gmx.net
Wed Jun 23 08:04:34 CDT 2004


Lets say its not an offtopic since you are using both sun hardware and
software ;)
Back in the day there was a perl wrapper script to ipfilter called
"fwtable.pl". Dont know if its still on the road..
Anyway, the Checkpoint fw1 han an export option that lets you interpret
the ruleset used on the firewall (or on the cluster).
So, If theres no option for export/import to ipfilter, I guess all you
could do is just interpret the original ruleset and migrate by hand to
ipfilter.. pretty fun.. dont know exactly what you are suggesting to
your customer.
(Viel Gl|ck!)

5cents, any other experiences?


On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 08:53, Alex Bihlmaier wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> i have a customer with a very large Checkpoint FW-1 Ruleset.
> Now I am confrontated with the problem of converting this Ruleset into something
> readable/exportable.
> Has anybody some hints/advice for some software?
> thx from germany,
>  thalunil
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